How To Choose The Best Design For Law Firm Website?

Best Design For Law Firm Website
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Design matters, whether it is a law firm website or any other website. Visitors get their first impression from the website design. An aesthetically designed, well laid-out, attractive website lures visitors to dig deeper into the site and explore further. The design for a law firm website takes into account a lot of things.

Besides reflecting your firm’s values, ethics, and culture, it has to be user-friendly with easy navigation. It should be mobile-friendly and responsive to adapt to every device and screen size. This article tries to offer some tips on how to design a website for your law firm.

A poorly designed website with irrelevant and incomplete information is even worse than not having a website at all. Here, it is appropriate to ask yourself if your website can provide the information that a prospective client seeks. Is he influenced by the way you have presented yourself, and above all, are you pleased with your site. Examine these points and factor them into your website design.


If you could recall, in earlier days, firms used to name their businesses starting with A, A1, etc., to be listed up the order. It’s not the case anymore. However, law firms still try to choose domain names close to the relevant keywords (specialization and expertise) as possible, but it doesn’t serve the purpose any longer. With many algorithmic changes brought about by the search engines, keyword dominated domains get duly punished.

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Therefore, you should choose a domain name and URL that reflects your brand, maybe your exact business name. And, if you use the same on your email address, it would be even more beneficial. If you want to get your website design right, you need to define your business goals clearly. Getting rid of keyword dominated domains positively affects your ranking.

Content Management Systems

You should carefully choose the content management system you want to build your website on. Though there are many options available in the market, WordPress is the most preferred one. A CMS allows you to add, edit, organize and publish content on your website, so you must understand your requirements before choosing your platform. Once you select a forum, you can design and customize your site. Lawyers usually prefer WordPress as it offers a lot of flexibility in design.

Responsive Design

A significant chunk of the visitors that a law firm website attracts comes through mobile devices, and more than 75% leave within seconds. This is because the sites are not mobile-friendly. With more than 60% of web searches happening through mobile devices, you must have a responsive website that appears and performs equally well on all devices, including mobile phones.

There is also the option of site design where mobile devices redirects to a new URL located on a subdomain. However, responsive design for law firm websites is advantageous instead of redirecting; it adapts to different devices and screen sizes.

Search Engine Optimization

Though many factors play a role, SEO is the most crucial in law firm web design. Local listings, reviews, and links are important, but optimizing the website is an absolute must. Getting a good rank in search results is vital for a website. There are various ways of optimizing a website, both on-page, and off-page. Some of them are listed below:

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Title Tag

TT is what the search engines show in their results for your web page. It should be short and concise and include your name and location, and the relevant keyword.


The description explains your page’s content in more detail and encourages visitors to click on the site. It may not affect the ranking but certainly improves the click-through rate.

Header Tags

Header tags are the headlines for your content. H1 for the main headline is used only once on a page, and H2 for subheadings that can be used multiple times.

Internal Links

It provides links to one page of the website to other pages of the same websites. These types of links are useful for so many reasons.


Content is an essential part of your website design. The content should be relevant and provide as much information about you as possible. Try to make your content unique and compelling. Mention your accomplishments, and display client testimonials. Powerful content helps you get a better ranking.

Attorney Profile Pages

These pages with photos of the lawyers are crucial for building the credibility of your law firm.

Site navigation

The navigation should be simple and easy to follow and provide the best user experience.

Local information

Local information should be mentioned as the profession is mainly dependent on local clients, and local SEO is paramount.

Mentioned above are a few of the factors that go into designing a website. You have to regularly assess your website’s performance and strive to make it better. You can improve the design for the law firm website by keeping it updated according to the market’s needs and trends.

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