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Best Uber Clone: Get your Business on Wheels!

Best Uber Clone App
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On-demand mobile apps have taken the taxi business to a new level by providing a better booking experience than ever before. Taxi booking apps like Uber have unique business models and provide services to riders at affordable prices that offer efficient services to riders while remaining competitive in the ride-hailing market. Our taxi booking best Uber Clone app has more features than any other taxi booking app.

Uber has seen massive growth and is among the fastest-growing companies globally despite being founded 6 years ago.

If you want to develop a similar taxi booking app like Uber, you will be in the right spot. 

Keep reading to know more about the development of Uber clone software

Why Do People Prefer To Use Taxi Booking Apps Like Uber Over Traditional Taxi Services?

In today’s fast-pacing digitally driven world, people prefer getting multiple services at the doorstep, right from online food delivery to taxi booking via mobile apps. 

They prefer services that have minimal interaction and to avail of all their services on their smartphones.

Taxi app development is one such service that saves your users time & cost by giving user-friendly apps.

People living in alpha cities face two significant issues: heavy traffic and lack of parking space. 

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They are less likely to invest their money in buying cars, and instead they rely on ride-hailing apps like Uber.

Entrepreneurs and investors looking to invest their time and money in a clone app development company is an excellent idea if they are not investing in building apps like uber script from scratch.

If you want to build a successful uber clone script, a taxi booking clone app, these are the essential features you don’t want to miss including in your app solution. 

The following feature list came out of our experience of delivering over hundreds of successful Uber-like apps. We urge you to make a list of features you want in your app to connect with our experts to guide you build your customized app that matches your business requirements.

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Best Uber Clone App

Core Features of the Best Uber Clone

1. Registration

Our Uber clone script provides your app users to log in to the app using their social media accounts and email/password sign up & login functionality.

We offer additional requirements for drivers where they can be enlisted in the app only after verifying and getting approval by the admin after registration.

2. Profile editing

Riders and drivers can easily edit their profiles like name, photo, contact details, email, etc.

The driver app includes a section for drivers to upload their driving license, car details, photo, and other details. We developed a clone app that enables both riders and drivers to view each other’s profiles, reducing anxiety and giving a sense of security.

3. Matching

This feature allows riders to get connected to their nearby locality driver automatically.

4. Live geo-tracking

This geolocation feature is beneficial for both the driver and the rider.  It allows the driver to track and identify the rider’s location accurately and directly point to the map that helps the driver get to the rider’s destination.

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The rider can also view the driver’s location and know the ETA(Estimate Arrival Time) using this feature.

5. In-app alerts

Our Uber clone app script has this remarkable feature that sends in-app notifications to the riders about the deals, offers, promo codes, etc.

It also sends driver details, including their name, contact number, and cab details, to the booked rider, ensuring clarity and safety.

6. Payment options

Integrating this payment option within this taxi app gives your users to perform secure and seamless transactions. It has multiple payment gateways, including debit/credit cards, net banking, digital wallets.

7. In-app chats/calls

We integrated this feature in our Uber clone script, allowing drivers and riders to communicate with each other seamlessly. It works like a messenger but without sharing any of their personal information.

Our Uber clone features

Our Uber Clone contains features that focus on all three stakeholders of the app. They are

  • Riders
  • Drivers
  • Admin panel

Let’s discuss the features of these stakeholders individually.

Prime features of the rider app

  • Pick up and drop location
  • Real-time cab tracking
  • Cab arrival estimated time
  • Automated fare calculation
  • Viewing driver details
  • Vehicle options
  • Automated bill generation
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Booking & payment history

Salient features of the Driver app

  • Uploading driver files & documents
  • Locating passenger/rider on the map using GPS
  • Viewing rider profile
  • Availability toggle
  • Advanced route optimization
  • Automated e-receipts
  • In-app notification
  • Viewing trip earnings
  • In-app chat/call

Our admin panel features

  • Admin dashboard
  • Revenue management
  • Driver document verification
  • User management
  • Driver management
  • Vehicle tracking system using in-app navigation
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Viewing the arrival & departure of taxi
  • Vehicle management
  • Trip management
  • Driver commission
  • Discounts & promo codes

We also help your business have a web-based portal for your taxi booking business by permitting your users to make requests from the browser without the need for a mobile app.

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How to monetize your Uber app?

Uber has three revenue streams. They are,

  • Commissions from users
  • Ads & promotions
  • Through offers and promo codes
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1. Commission from users

Firstly, drivers have to share their income with the app. They give a certain percentage of the amount from each order.

Passengers/riders pay an extra amount if they cancel a ride or request additional services like booking minivans, animal transportation, etc.

2. Ads & promotions

This is one of the common yet effective ways to generate revenue. Start earning by offering companies to showcase their ads, products on your platform. In this case, you will get money with cost-per-click.

3. Through offers and promo codes

Collaborate your business with famous brands. This allows your users to access special discounts while booking a cab, and you can receive money for being a third-party service.

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Why Should you Implement your Ideas with Us?

We have a high-quality Uber clone app with a script that reduces the cost of building an original ride-booking app like Uber.

We offer a pre-built uber clone script that helps entrepreneurs build and launch their ride-hailing business swiftly with a minimal investment cost. Our ready-made Uber clone offers users access to the app efficiently by its most-demanding features to effectively attain revenue growth in the competitive transport industry.

What Makes an App Unique from Uber clone script providers?

  • A ready-to-launch solution that is highly scalable
  • No technical knowledge needed to build your app
  • Customized payment solutions
  • World-class implementation and deployment support and maintenance
  • Full customization and branding
  • Rates management on-the-fly
  • Cost-effective
  • Data-driven approach
  • Built with native technology
  • Available on multiple platforms
  • Built and developed by a skilled team of web and app developers.

In a nutshell,

Wait no longer to invest your valuable ideas and time with us that helps you create a huge impact in the transportation industry with our pre-built ride-hailing app that matches your business needs and specifications.

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