Top 5 Cannabis Business Social Networks in 2021 [Updated]

Cannabis Business Social Networks
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Suppose you are a marijuana enthusiast. So you want to connect with the cannabis business social networks to enjoy their community. People always like to communicate with compatible people because like-minded can understand each other better than others. So, if you are a cannabis lover, then you want to communicate with that community.

We have seen that some cannabis companies try to connect with the customer professionally and socially through mobile devices. Still, they cannot do that because Google and Apple stores do not appreciate the marijuana apps. So their apps don’t show any results, and start’s lacking down.

cannabis business social networks

So, Cannabis business social networks are popping up daily. Cannabis lovers and businesses use massively social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to connect with their audience. There are 420 cannabic social media networks, but some are worthful to join them.

Therefore, we bring the best five cannabis business social networks. So, they will help you to stay connected with them. You will get the whole idea about everything.
Featured list of the cannabis businesses:


Weedlife first begins as the cannabis business social networks in 2013. But, it has a network of more than 40 websites. This platform has worth it because they have a massive fan base accessed by more than 120 countries. It proves itself one of the best marijuana platform in this industry. So, another name of Weedlife is “the cannabis Facebook,” which is famous with that name in the market.

cannabis business social networks

Weedlife have many social networks platform like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and  LinkedIn. Therefore, this cannabis business social network provides everything related to cannabis, whatever it is. So, they provide education on marijuana, share the latest updates about the product, reviews, share posts, share photos, videos, and, most importantly, how-to-use.

Hence, if you want to join Weedlife, don’t worry. They made it easy for you. You can register easily on Weedlife, and you can also link social platforms you are currently using.

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Some prominent features of the Weedlife cannabis business social network:

  • Most important, fun is crucial so that you can join many entertaining fan pages and groups.
  • Connecting is suitable for you with your compatible people. Hence, It provides you connection with cannabis enthusiasts.
  • You can understand better with the sharing of many visual contexts like pictures, videos, and infographics.
  • Analysis of products and recommend dispensaries.
  • Share and discuss the information and opinions on cannabis products and businesses.

These features help you to understand better cannabis social network.


CannaSOS uses one of the most extensive database system, which works like a directory. Therefore, CannaSOS provides every possible detailed information related to any marijuana strain in the world. They have a fantastic audience with 400,000 total visitants every month. So, CannaSOS have a significant following on social media platforms.

CannaSOS Company of cannabis

You can find any product from here and dispensaries related to marijuana strain. If you have a business and want to achieve the audience and customer for yourself and want to sell your products, you can run with CannaSOS. Hence, it allows you to publish your company ads, and you will get thousands of reaches through it. This feature will help you to target your specific audience.

If you are thinking about going with the CannaSOS cannabis business social network, you must know its prominent features.

Some prominent features of the CannaSOS cannabis business social network:

  • It has a vast audience of daily visiting 4,00,00-500,000 monthly.
  • It will help you to find the best product and dispensaries according to your specific requirements.
  • CannaSOS have the most reliable, user-friendly, and quickly handed platform.
  • If you need any type of help related to cannabis, then “Weed Pros” is available.
  • Target the audience for your businesses according to your specific niche.
  • Join the particular group according to your field.

GrassCity Forums

GrassCity Forums launched in 2000 and still going strong, now claiming more than 500,000 members and 17 million posts. That’s why it is one of the best and oldest cannabis business social network platform for everyone. It started as a first-ever cannabis grower. So, by using this platform, people can only share practices and how-to-use guide.

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GrassCity forums cannabis

Over time, they develop their website and social network. They also launched a mobile application so that anyone in the world can use it at any time. So, after a lot of progress, people started to communicate with each other and partake in it. They also give reviews about the type of product and exchange tips with each other via this platform.

Old is gold. You don’t have to follow this quote. That’s why you must be aware of the features of the GrassCity Forums. So, I try to cover every desirable quality of it.

Some prominent features of  GrassCity Forums cannabis business social network:

  • You can learn about the growth of cannabis quickly.
  • Check out a complete list of U.S. cannabis dispensaries.
  • You can communicate through chat with other marijuana enthusiasts.
  • First-ever started the company in the cannabis market.
  • You can discuss updated cannabis diplomats and legalizations.

I hope you will get an extensive idea about the GrassCity Forum features.


LeafWire recently launched in the cannabis business social network with more professional outwork. It build-in 2018 for the marijuana business industry, professionals looking to connect online—Linkdln, the most prominent staff hiring platform in the world. In the cannabis world, people call it cannabis LinkedIn.

cannabis business social networks

LeafWire can connect with a potential investor. It helps many people in business if some businessmen are looking for an enthusiast and potential investor. If some investors are looking for capital and profitable business opportunities, they can evaluate the company according to your requirements.

The cannabis industry is growing fastly, and the market is open to new ideas. So, the cannabis business social networks create $25 billion in annual sales and 250,000 related jobs, increasing with time. If you are searching for a job and want to connect with professionals and experts, go with it. Therefore, it will help you to find an appropriate talent.

Recently they post articles, news, updates, and new features.

Some prominent features of  LeafWire Forums cannabis business social network:

  • Businesses or companies post for a job if they need staff.
  • People can seek job opportunities from here.
  • Investors can search the potential and great capital businesses from here.
  • Companies have the opportunity to grow their business by exploring them on the LeafWire.
  • People in business and investors can share their posts to get desired results.
  • Connection with professional and expert people in the industry.
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It was founded in 2013, and its headquarters is in Denver, Colorado, United States. Massroots is mentioned as one of the best platforms which achieve 1 million users. Massroots is slightly different from other cannabis business social networks because it is more conscious of privacy. Therefore, you can not see other like-minded people’s profiles and ratings. And you can not communicate with them.

But, Massroots bring you the other option to share the reviews, updates, posts, pictures of the product. It is more focused on the effects and dispensaries of marijuana.

cannabis business social networks

Some prominent features of  MassRoots cannabis business social network:

  • You can share a post and pictures about the products of the marijuana market.
  •  You can give your rate and examine different cannabis strains.
  • Reach the extensive database of cannabis products and dispensaries.
  • It is a more privacy-focused social network program.


The cannabis market is increasing very fast. So, social media network is an effective way to reach the potential customer. With the help of a social network, you can get thousands of buyers and sellers. I know that it is a bewildering list of the cannabis social networks. If you have a company or try to progress into the industry, you must participate in them.

Every Cannabis Business Social Networks provides the best result. It depends upon you which one fulfills your requirements. For privacy-focused and product review, you can go with the MassRoots. You can go with the LeafWire if you want to hire the staff and looking for a job. So, it depends on your specifications.
The industry of cannabis is expanding beyond our imagination. So, do not get late to partake.

I hope that you get the right idea about the cannabis business social networks where do you want to go. Please let us know if you want to know anything. Please share your experience with the people who want to know more about it.

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