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How to Clear Clipboard on Android in the Best Way

How to Clear Clipboard on Android
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Usage of Android OS is progressing day by day because it is user-friendly and easy to use. Today most devices use the Android operating system. In 2020, the estimated number of users was 127.8 million, but that number is expanding day by day. This innovation is in ever-increasing demand in the technology world. It brings up great features like Copy-Paste feature and others like that. Here, a question arises that how to clear the clipboard on android frequently?

If you are a marketer or a data entry worker, you must use this function a lot, and you are also aware of Android OS’s clipboard function. But, most workers wonder that how to clear the clipboard. However, they need to manage a lot of data and use it frequently.

How to Clear Clipboard on Android?

1. Copy-Paste Android Feature

You may want to save some content while reading some content over the internet. For this purpose, you will use Copy-Paste function of the Android OS.

You have to long-press the text, and then a blue mark appears on the text and blue handle between text, from which you can select the content and text. So, specific options will appear after selecting text like Copy, Share, Select all, Web-search, etc. You can choose the option according to your requirements. Hence, if you want to select Select all possibility, you can go with the Select-all option. Just like that, I give an example it depends on your requirement.

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how to clear clipboard on androidIn some applications, you will see the copied text option after long pressing on that application, just like Twitter and Facebook. When you have copied the required text, then exit from that current page and go where you want to paste your copied text. By doing long-press, Paste, Clipboard, etc. option will appear in front of you. Then you can paste your text and content to your location.

Now the question arises that how to clear the clipboard on android. But it would help if you formed the basic knowledge of it to use in the future correctly. 

2. Clipboard Feature

If you want to copy another text, then previous copied text or picture will disappear. But, it will remain to save in the clipboard. Therefore It is one of the best features of the Android OS. If you need previous text, then the clipboard option will appear by long-press on the page, then you can choose from the clipboard your last text.

Sometimes, the clipboard is filled, and you want to delete all the text and pictures. Then you can easily do it by following simple steps because of the fantastic Android User-Friendly operating system.

3. How to Clear the Clipboard on Android Smartphones (Method #3)

  1. The main thing is to open any application that is copy-paste supported, just like Samsung notes. I am using it as an example, but you can use any application. Keep in mind that the app must help with the following requirements.clear clipboard
  2. Then long press on the notes application for a second releases it to show some Paste, Add Textbook, and Clipboard options. At this moment you can choose the required option.
  3. Alternative: If the Clipboard option doesn’t show in any supported copy-paste application, you can click on the (three vertical dots option) Menu from there to select this alternative.
  4. The main advantage of the Samsung keyboard users is selecting this feature from the keyboard notepad icon’s upper bar.
  5.  Then you can select the dustbin option from the right button corner that will delete and clear all the copied content, including pics and text.clipboard
  6. The Cancel and Delete option will appear on the pop-up, then select whichever is suitable for you.
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That will delete and clear all the copied content, including pics and text.

4. An Alternative Method to Clear Clipboard

This method will be more appropriate. Sometimes you have to select the Clipboard’s specific content because you want to delete the specific content. And you want that your other content remains to save from this procedure.

This one is the most straightforward process that will give you the best result.

You can follow previous steps by doing a long press on specific content when the clipboard opened. Two options will appear Lock to Clipboard and Delete from Clipboard. You can select according to your requirement. Therefore, if you want to lock something in the clipboard, then you can go for it as you can delete particular text or images from the clipboard.

how to clear clipboard

Important Tips

We have discussed every possible option for how to clear the clipboard on android. But there are some important tips you should keep in mind that will helps you more in this procedure.

  1. Make sure your battery is full. If your battery is low and the phone shut down, you will have to repeat all the steps. So, keep your battery greater than 30%.
  2. You must be aware of which text, pic, and file you want to delete. If you try to delete content, it will be deleted entirely from the clipboard and can not recover. So be careful.
  3. Make your files regularly arrange, because sometimes it is difficult to find some specific file. And it would help if you had them in the future. So, always divide your data into folders and assign them some specific identity.
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