How to track someone’s phone without them knowing?

How can I track someone's mobile without them knowing
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Mobile devices are popular everywhere, and every person wants to have it no time ever before. The youngsters are second to none, and they prefer a cellphone connected to the internet. On the other side, the digital world is so nasty, and it brings plenty of hazards and digital nightmares for the young generation. Being a parent, Employee, and care for our loved ones we wish that we could know How to track someones phone without them knowing to be informed about thier activites.

Besides, having all the dangers and online threats young kids are not willing to leave digital phones, because they are unable to do that. Nowadays, you have to stay in contact with mobile phone devices.

On the other side, people, like business owners want to track employee mobile without them knowing during the working hours for business security.

Why track someone’s mobile without them knowing?

Before answering the question of how to track someones phone without them knowing, we have to answer why? There are plenty of legitimate reasons that have made people spy on someone’s mobile secretly without them knowing. Parents, employers, and many individuals are looking forward to monitoring and track cellphones secretly to set parental control and to keep a check on employees.

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As individuals are concerned, they want to use it for data backup and keep an eye on their loved ones while they are using social media, making phone calls, text messages, and for many other activities. In a situation like that, people want to get their hands on the best phone spy software to track cellphone activities to get rid of parental and business concerns.

Legitimate reasons to track someone’s phone without them knowing:

  • Protect kids from digital nightmares
  • Make sure the safety of your small business
  • Protect your data stored on the cellphone devices

If you are willing to monitor and track your kid’s cellphone devices to make sure their online safety and you want to protect your small business, then use TheOneSpy. It is a kind of technological tool that empowers you to know what the target person is doing all day long on the mobile phone connected to the internet.

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What is the TheOneSpy mobile monitoring app?

It is an application that you can use on digital devices, like cellphones and tablet devices running with different operating systems. Also known as the best parental control and monitoring software. It could be used to keep an eye on someone’s digital devices, but you have to have it and then use it on your target device to get the job done.

You can install it on the digital mobile device and then use its features to track every activity that happened on the cellphone devices. You can use the following TOS features to track someone’s mobile without them knowing.

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1. Live screen recording

You can use a screen recorder tool by using the cell phone tracker app. It can record a series of short videos from the phone screen and send the recording to the web portal. You can access the web portal and watch all the recorded videos to the online dashboard.

2. Screenshots

Users can remotely capture screenshots of someone’s cellphone device without them knowing, and you can capture plenty of screenshots at once and save them to the web control panel. It will enable you about kinds of activities the target person is doing.

3. Call recording

Users can use secret call recorder software and record all incoming and outbound calls without them knowing. You can send the data of the recorded calls to the web control panel as a reminder. Parents can record teen calls, and employers can do the same with the employees during working hours.

4. Read messages

You can monitor and track sent/received messages on the cellphone device by using the text messaging monitoring app. It enables parents to know what sort of messages kids are sending to their friends and what your employees are talking during the working hours on business owned mobile without them knowing.

4. Email monitoring 

Employers can track and monitor sent/received emails by using the email monitoring app. Employers can get to know about the content of the email and prevent employees from sharing confidential information about the business.

5. Social media monitoring

You can spy on social messaging apps running on teens’ digital mobile devices, and you can track the messages logs, group chats, conversations, media sharing, and voice messages logs. You can secretly and remotely monitor social media activity without them knowing.

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6. Remotely block internet

Teens are used to sharing private photos, videos, and get involved in inappropriate activity, like sexting, and many more. So, parents can remotely block internet access to stop teens from sharing nudes and others.

7. Remotely block messages

You can remotely monitor messages, chats conversations, and block messages on the phone using TheOneSpy.

8. Block incoming calls

Users can also block internet access on the phone to stop teens’ risky activities. It will also prevent employees from wasting time during working hours.


TheOneSpy is the answer to How to track someones phone without them knowing?. It is the best parental control and monitoring app that enables users to track someone’s mobile without them knowing.

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