Is GTA 5 Cross Platform? (Latest Update on GTA 5 Crossplay)

is gta 5 cross platform
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Is GTA 5 Cross Platform? Rockstar Games GTA 5 is currently the most recent installment in their grand theft auto series. In addition to building on previous title features, it contains numerous improvements in game play and story.

The game is one of the most successful titles in the franchise, having been re-released twice for newer consoles. That being said, the game’s most popular feature is GTA online, which serves as the multiplayer mode. However, one question has been on the minds of many players in the game for months (GTA 5 crossplay). That is, will GTA 5 online be cross platform compatible, or is limited to just one game system?

Is GTA 5 Cross Platform?

Still Now, GTA 5 doesn’t support Cross Platform or Crossplay between PC, XBOX, PS, or any other launcher and device. Despite GTA 5 not having a cross-platform update or capabilities is still the most successful title of grand theft auto. The game builds on all the lessons and innovations learned from previous games in the series. GTA 5 was an ambitious project requiring many studio production teams to work on it.

One of its most notable features was the attention to detail the team put into the world map. They had several team members scouting the city the game designers use for inspiration.

Also, it is one of the largest open-world maps in the franchise, which allows the player to roam anywhere freely. The game is story-driven and follows the progress of three different characters. The story progresses through the completion of story mission, which usually focuses on the main character performing a heist.

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GTA 5 also includes numerous instances of situations that require the player to find or shoot their way out of. This is what made its predecessors very popular in addition to the signature car theft. The game also includes side missions that allow players to increase their skill levels and acquire new equipment.

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GTA Series

To understand why fans ask Is GTA 5 cross platform, some background on the whole grand theft auto series is necessary. The series is one of the most successful and long-running game franchises in video game history. For 23 years, the franchise has created numerous games for various gameplay platforms.

The series began in 1997 with the original action-adventure game grand theft auto for the original PlayStation. Afterward, a new game in the series was released every couple of years, culminating in 2013 with GTA 5. Additionally, each new installment franchise saw improvement graphic and gameplay mechanics. But, Whether they updated it as GTA 5 crossplay game or not is still a query.

GTA 5 Cross platform

Also, GTA 3 was the first to introduce a story that became the standard for later games. However, there have been three constant every one of the grand theft auto games.

These GTA continuous features are the open-world gameplay, level clearing, and point-scoring. Specifically, point-scoring is the most consistent feature in the series, especially how points are acquired. That is to say, it is usually some form of legal activity such as stealing cars. Of course, with each new addition to the franchise, the complex the game’s scoring system has grown.

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Eventually, GTA 5 was the culmination of the franchise’s continuous improvements. This can be seen because a new title has not been added to the series in seven years. The only complaint about the game in recent years has been the lack of GTA cross-platform compatibility.

GTA 5 Crossplay Update

GTA 5 cross platform

Though GTA 5 cross platform compatibility is lacking, it has other features on its release that made it unique from its predecessors. One of these features is the wanted system, which determines the NPC police officer’s response to the player’s character. Specifically, it determined the response based on how violent the player committed the crimes.

The more violent the gameplay, the more likely the police are to notice the player.

GTA 5 most known unique feature is the online multiplayer gameplay mode known as Grand Theft Auto Online.

This is essentially the original game map but allows up to 30 players on the game simultaneously. The online multiplayer mode allows for player versus player gameplay or cooperative play to complete certain missions. Additionally, Rockstar games updated this feature several times a year. The updates usually consist of adding new missions or special event maps for multiplayer events.

GTA 5 Cross Platform

Even though Rockstar games update GTA 5 online, there is no plan for cross-platform implementation. This is surprising considering that most of the fans who play the game to do so on one platform.

Additionally, cross-platform games’ growing popularity seems to make such an update for GTA 5 a necessity. A cross-platform game is essentially a game that supports the ability to play simultaneously on different platforms. For example, games like Fortnight allow for multiplayer, where players can log in from their PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC.

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However, because GTA 5 doesn’t support cross-platform gameplay for its online mode, players can only interact on the same platform. This means that games such as Fortnight allow players to interact with each other in a larger community. Specifically, they only need one account to meet up with friends or play against new rivals. However, because ‘Is GTA 5 cross platform’ incompatibility question is still unsolvable, players can only interact with a limited number of other players.

For example, if two players wish to compete against each other on GTF 5 Online, they would be PCs. If one of them has a PC and the other an Xbox, they will be unable to play against each other.

Currently, the only way around this issue is for a player to have multiple accounts on different platforms. However, this means that player has to start a new account from scratch. In other words, a completely new game on whatever platform they are using.

Why Rockstar Games is Receiving so Much Criticism?

As a result, Rockstar games has received some criticism for not installing cross-platform abilities for GTA 5. GTA 5 may be too old to implement cross-platform functionality into its program. Also, it could be that Rockstar games are hoping to make extra profits on additional sales of the game. Regardless, there can be no doubt this time that GTA 5 cross platform capability is not enabled. But, there’re possibilities they’ll add GTA 5 crossplay feature in the updated version or in GTA 6.

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