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Nokia 1100 Mobile: Price, Specs, Features & Buying Guide

Written by Usama Rafiq

In our daily lives, we have become so busy that we have already forgotten about the old mobile phones that have first introduced themselves as mobile phones. Many companies had manufactured mobile phones earlier, but among those, Nokia was the best-selling company. Among all the Nokia feature phones, Nokia 1100 phones were one of the best-selling phones.

In modern days there are lots of gadgets which are continuously helping us to make our life easy. One of the most used devices today is Mobile Phone. From making a call to taking a photo, attending important meetings, tracking health, booking a cab, the smartphone can do various things.

Nokia was the king of the mobile phone company in the market at that time. It launched many phones, which became very popular at that time.

Nokia 1100 Mobile Phone | Nokia Vintage Mobile Phone

In this article, we will discuss Nokia 1100 phones, details about it, full features and many more things. Mainly Nokia 1100 phones were famous for their longevity and the vast battery backup. It was launched on July 3, 2003. After launching in the market, it has won people’s hearts with good voice quality, signal, and battery backup.

1. Nokia 1100 Price

At the time of launch, Nokia 1100 was around Rs. 5000 in India and Rs. 5000 was a very high price, which justifies the price of that kind of advanced phone. At that time, its Price was high like any other advanced phone.

2. Nokia 1100 Phone Specification 

Nokia 1100 phone is black and white. It comes with a Bl 5C battery, a charger, and a user manual. The main feature of this phone was it has a torchlight. At that time, a torchlight inside a phone was an excellent feature.

3. Keypad

The keypad of this phone is a 4 X 4 matrix keypad and made of rubber. The main problem with this keypad is that it becomes faded after using it for a long time. But the keypad is still available in the market for a replacement.

4. SIM

It is a single sim phone. The slim size is standard. Mainly 2G sim is supported.

5. Screen Size and Display Resolution

The screen size is 7.36 cm, and the display resolution is 800×480 (WVGA). Don’t think about the 5-inch screen size, IPS display, 1920 pixel screen resolution, or other screen features. At that time, nothing was available.

6. Nokia 1100 Battery

It comes with a Bl5C battery and a Nokia 1100 battery backup was of 10 to 15 days (Standby). That means you have to charge it 2 to 3 times every month. So here you can compare it with android and other smartphones. Most of our smartphones drain within 1 to 2 days. For that reason, there are many people still now who are using these old phones.

Apart from that, it has a good talk time (Up to 7 hours).
Nokia 1100 battery

7. Voice Quality

Compared to the other mobile phones at that time, this mobile phone had a better voice quality. Also, for good signal strength, the voice quality becomes good.

8. Charger

Nokia 1100 came with a charger in its box. It had old style charger with a thick pin. Charger had not any life cycle, unlike battery. Made up of strong material, it hardly got damaged. The only case of charge damage was if its wire got broke or pin got damage.

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Other features

Nokia 1100 phone has a facility to send SMS. It does not have internet features, but it has a good talk time as told before. This mobile also has excellent signal strength. Mainly in hill areas where the network is not very good, this mobile can solve the problem.

The Nokia 1100 mobile phone is very hard. It is not like other smartphones, which will break if it falls from your hand. In modern days, you can not think about using any smartphone for more than three years, but some people are using this phone for more than ten years without any disturbance. I am one of them.

The size of this phone is small compared to the other mobiles at that time. For that small size, people can easily carry this cell phone in their pocket.

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Nokia 1100 Phone VS Smartphone

Can you compare a bicycle with a sports bike? Nokia 1100 comparison with a smartphone is just like that. A smartphone has a huge amount of features, which is not necessary to discuss here, and we all know that you can not find those features in Nokia 1100. But people are searching for Nokia 1100 and other old Nokia phones on the internet. Do you know the reason?

About seven years ago, Nokia stopped manufacturing Nokia 1100 phones and Nokia other old phones. However, Nokia has already launched other in the market, which also has good battery backup and quality. Still, the old Nokia phones are in demand. Because people think Old is gold.

What are the reasons to choose the Nokia 1100 in these modern days where smartphones can do a lot of work?

Battery: Which One is Good for Office Work?

Many people use two phones together, a smartphone and a feature phone. Smartphones are for doing office, business work, doing multi-tasks, and the feature phone is for voice conversation. Mainly those people who need to talk more use this phone.

As we have discussed earlier, the standby time and also about the talk time of this phone, business people who mainly do business in phone conversation get a huge advantage by using this phone.

Signal Strength: Which One is Good at Capturing Signals in Weak Areas?

In hill areas or rural areas where signal strength is not good, Nokia 1100 takes advantage by capturing signal in weak signal areas and allowing the user a good calling service. The phones are mainly used, which means the voice was calling part, Nokia 1100 has no substitute.

Break Proof: Which One is Broken Proof?

Nokia 1100 is almost broken proof. At Least if the phone falls from your hand, it will not be a big problem, but if a smartphone falls from your hand, you know what will happen.

Easy to carry: Which One is Pocket-friendly?

For the tiny size of this Nokia 1100 phone, it will not take the full space of your pocket. Some smartphones will not fit in your pocket also. Buy Nokia 1100 phone will fit in your chest pocket also. As per our knowledge, at least two Nokia 1100 phones will take the same space as a single smartphone.

Power Banks not Needed for Nokia 110 Mobile

To carry a big smartphone, you need a big backup power bank. But for this little Nokia 1100, you need nothing. Some users charge it and then go for a tour for seven days without a charger.

So it is clear now that in these modern days, where a smartphone can do all the work that a computer can do, some people still need a feature phone.

Nokia Refurbished Phones

For some good user experience, Nokia old phones are still famous in the market. If you search on the internet, you will see many online shopping companies are still selling old Nokia refurbished phones. Nokia refurbished phones are those phones which are renewed and then sold by some sellers. So if you want, you can easily buy it from online stores.

7 Things to Check Before you Buy Nokia 1100 Phone

Though Nokia phones have an excellent user rating and an excellent experience, people usually believe that they will get the same quality phone they brought years ago. But there is a problem. These phones which are sold these days are not brand new phones. These are renewed phones.

What renewed phones mean? That means those people who are selling these phones are buying old phones and replacing the cover of the phone and selling them.

  • Country of origin – You need to check. Maximum sellers are selling Nokia phones that are coming from China, which are not original Nokia phones. You will not find any difference between the original and the duplicate product.
  • The seller gives the warranty – As it is a refurbished phone (renewed), you will not get a warranty if you can not take it to the service center, so if anything goes wrong, you need to repair it by yourself. Most of the online sellers give seller warranty on these types of products.

What is the seller warranty? Well, seller warranty means the warranty which the seller gives to the customer. That means if any repair is needed, the seller will take the responsibility and do it for the customer if that comes under the seller’s warranty.

  • Accessories – As it is a refurbished item, you can not expect full accessories. Read the product descriptions to know what will be inside the packet. If you have any confusion, please ask the seller before buying the product.
  • Accessories originality –  Many sellers are selling Nokia refurbished phones with local chargers and batteries. Chargers can be managed, but if you get the local battery, then there is no necessity to buy this type of phone as you will not get good battery backup, which is one of the most important things.
  • Buyers rating: This is the most vital point. Don’t forget to check buyers’ ratings. Previous buyers will tell you which is good and which product is bad. Before buying any product, deeply check the buyer’s rating, then check the other things.


Nokia was one of the best feature phone companies in the world. Many people’s first phone was Nokia. Nokia manufactured many feature phones. This company has manufactured many multimedia phones also. Those phones became very popular at that time. Nokia 1100 was one of them.

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