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YouTube Hacks: 10 Tricks and Features for Any Youtuber

youtube hacks
Written by Usama Rafiq

Finding the easy way out in any field of life is eerily satisfying! Whenever we find hidden tricks and features of anything that we didn’t know about, it grabs our attention. Social media platform hacks are lovely for the users to get more audience and viewers Youtube is such a platform whose new tricks. It features people eagerly wait for, so we will discuss some social media and Youtube hacks and tricks.

With the digital revolution going around the globe, especially after the recent Coronavirus pandemic, platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter have become busier than ever. There has been an exponential rise in the number of Internet users all across the world. As of October 2020, statistics revealed that there are over 4.66 billion active internet users all around the globe.

These are not just interacting platforms. They are now a source of income for many users, which increases users’ interest in using tricks and features that enhance their profile or channel. 

Social Media, YouTube, and Business Marketing

Not just the Internet, but social networking has considerably grown all across the world. According to research, the total number of active monthly social media users worldwide is expected to reach close to 3.43 billion by 2023. That is almost one-third of Earth’s entire population, which is seriously impressive! 

Social Media, YouTube, and Business Marketing

Now that indicates how important and impactful social media can be in every field of life right now. Right after Facebook, YouTube is the most popular social media platform and the most searched video platform worldwide. 

Quite naturally, YouTube has become a top spot for major businesses and brands using the platform for marketing and brand promotion. Not just business marketing and advertising, but the forum is frequented by individual artists, influencers, gamers, athletes, and various other professionals. 

11 Must-use YouTube Hacks for Any Youtuber

So if you want to use YouTube like a pro, you must be aware of a few hidden features and tricks that can help you make the best use of the platform and reap the best results! 

We have listed some super helpful YouTube hacks in this section that can make a difference in efficiency and time, and resource utilization. In simpler words, with these hacks, you can complete something in about 15 minutes, which would have otherwise taken half a day!

youtube hacks

Not only will these youtube tricks and tips help you save time, but they will also help you optimize YouTube marketing efforts and processes. Be it subscriber-boosting or be it video-making and improvisation tools, these hacks can be the perfect solution if you are stuck somewhere and getting a lot of time wasted! 

  • Must-know Keyboard Shortcuts for YouTube

If it is about saving time and seamless maneuvering on YouTube, knowing the keyboard shortcuts can be convenient. With these keyboard shortcuts, you can easily access many features with a few simple strokes on the keyboard and in minimum time. 

Make sure you take note of these YouTube keyboard shortcuts for your future operations on the video platform.

keyboard shortcut hacks dor

  • Upload Your Transcript to Get Better Search Results for Your Video

A lot of people often overlook the power of closed captions on YouTube. Closed captions can help your video reach a larger audience. This audience will also include people who may speak a different language than that of your video. If you had not already known, closed captions are also crawled by search engines, which is why it can give your video’s rankings an immense boost and lead to better search results for your video. 

Adding your transcript to your YouTube video is pretty simple as well. Click on the “CC” on the far right of your video and then upload a file, or transcribe and auto-sync the caption with the video’s timing. You can also create new subtitles or CC. Another way to include your transcript in your video is by adding the transcript into your video description.

  • Creating a Branded URL for Your YouTube Channel

Getting a YouTube channel with a branded URL rather than a complex string of letters and numbers can add to your brand value and overall appeal. It is a great way to give your channel recognition and increase awareness about your channel on YouTube. Here is a Youtube trick to get a branded URL for your Youtube channel

youtube hacks

Although creating a branded URL for your channel requires a few things like:

  • Minimum 100 subscriber from your youtube channel
  • A defined channel icon
  • A channel art
  • The channel needs to be at least 30 days old.

If you have a channel that fulfills all these criteria, you can easily create a custom slug for your channel. Enter “Settings after clicking on your profile picture in the top right corner. After this, under “Your YouTube Channel,” click on “View Advanced Settings.”.

After this, select the link beside the place that says, “You’re eligible for a custom URL.” Choose from the pre-approved custom URLs, make modifications and then agree to the Custom URL Terms of Use. Then click on Change URL, and you will have a branded URL for your channel. 

  • Creating a GIF from Your or Any Other YouTube Video

youtube gifs

One of the youtube hacks is creating GIFs for your channel promotion. GIFs have been trendy amongst social media users all across the world. Social media users are using GIFs even more than images for communication purposes. GIFs can effectively use for the promotion of your YouTube channel. Along with that, you can also use them to formulate and deliver on-brand replies.

If you are wondering how to create a GIF from a YouTube video, then you’ll be surprised to know how simple the procedure is. All you need to do is open the YouTube video from which you want to create the GIF. You need to add the word “gif” before the URL of the YouTube video. This is how it should look like:[VideoID]”

youtube hacks

Your GIF will now be created, and you can now customize your GIF and use it accordingly. 

  • Create and Share Auto-Subscribe Links

If you already have YouTube buttons and subscribe call-to-action on your YouTube channel, then you must link them to direct users to your YouTube channel. Auto-subscribe links can help direct users to your channel and open with an automatic subscribe prompt. This will increase the number of subscribers to your medium, another way to increase subscribers is to buy them there are different ways to do that, but we can tell you 4 ways to buy youtube subscribers

Here’s how you do it:

Find your channel ID and paste it on the URL. It will appear like this:[ChannelID]?sub_confirmation=1 

You can now use this link for your subscription call-to-action on your channel.

  • Add Cards to Your Video

If you do not know about YouTube Cards, then these are pop-up boxes that appear specific in a video. The function of these cards is to prompt users to engage with the video. With these cards, you can do a lot of things like: 

  • Audience polls
  • Direct users to your website
  • Promote another video or another channel
  • Other marketing slogans and messages

Go to “Creator Studio” by clicking on your channel icon and then click on “Video Manager.”

Select the video on which you want to add cards, and then click on “Cards” from the drop-down menu.

Then click on the “Add Card” button and choose your preferred card to add.

how cards look alike

  • Promote Extra Content by Using End Screen

You can leave a little time at the end of your video to include an end screen call-to-action. The End screens appear at around the last 5-20 seconds of a video and direct viewers to different destinations of your choice. 

end screen feature

You can use it to encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel. Other options like watching another video or playlist or even visiting another channel or your business website are available. This Youtube End screen hack will help to increase the views and subscriptions to your medium.

Enter the “Video Editor,” and you will find the option of “Add An End Screen.” 

  • Download Royalty-Free Music and Sound Effects

If you want to add some music and sound effects to your videos, finding copyright-free music is important. It’s not like one of the youtube hacks or tricks, but most people don’t know about it. That YouTube offers access to a vast music and sound effects library. You can easily download these and save them on your system to use them on your videos.

Here’s the Audio Library link to make the search easier for you! 

  • Create Timed Links

Timed links are a lesser-known and handy feature on YouTube that can help enhance viewers’ experience. If there is a five-minute video on YouTube, but you only want to display a 30-second clip from the video, you need to create a link that will load the video from the exact time when the video was opened. This Youtube hack will help users a lot.

All you need to do is pause the video at the specific time and then right-click on the video and select ‘Copy video URL at the current time.’

  • Collaboration Invite on Your Video Playlist

A less popular yet very effective marketing technique is inviting others to collaborate on your playlist. Playlist collaboration is a handy feature if you work on a team with multiple channels and need to share ideas about a specific project. You can also use this feature to share music playlists, and the quality can be set up in a mere few seconds. 

  • Add Enhancements on Uploaded Videos

You don’t need to edit your videos through heavy video editors all the time.YouTube enables you to modify and add effects and enhancements to your videos when the videos are being uploaded or even after they are already uploaded. Enhancements on uploaded videos include features like: 

  • Adding filters
  • Editing contrast and saturation of your video
  • A variety of other color effects. 
  • Video trimming uploading the video again

This Youtube video editing feature will help you increase the look and appeal of your video. You need to go to Video Manager and select the video you want to edit. Then click on “Enhancements” from the top menu. 


If you are using any platform it is necessary to know its all features and how can you make the most from these features using some smart tricks. With these hidden YouTube Hacks and features, you can now level up your YouTube game effectively and ensure that your marketing efforts can reap the best results for your YouTube channel.

No matter how you are using the channel or the YouTube platform, these YouTube Hacks will surely be handy for various purposes! I wish you good luck with your youtube channel and your marketing goals in 2021.

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